GW database

We provide numerical relativity waveforms to further strengthen and support the field of gravitational wave astronomy. Please read our Terms of Use and cite the requested references.

The data are hosted on a git-lfs repo. If you encounter a certificate error while downloading, you just need to download the current certificate core-gitlfs-tpi-uni-jena-de.pem from the git-lfs repo website (directly from the lock icon from your browser, next to the website address) and add it to your local ssl certificates (/etc/ssl/certs). Additionally you can also try:

git config --global http.sslCAInfo /etc/ssl/certs/core-gitlfs-tpi-uni-jena-de.pem

The tables below in this page give you quick access to all our simulations (Both from the NR simulations and the TEOBResumS-NR hybrid waveforms). However, we encourage the use of WATPY to clone the datasets and work with waveforms.

More info:


NR models

Simulation EOS Mass A [Msun] Mass B [Msun] dim.less Spin A dim.less Spin B dim.less ID GW freq. Max resolution

TEOBResumS-NR Hybrids

Name EOS Mass A [Msun] Mass B [Msun] dim.less Spin A dim.less Spin B Lambda A Lambda B Initial freq. [Hz]